Twitter Marketing

Twitter brings people closer to their interests in real time. In turn, our targeting capabilities bring brands closer to the right consumer’s at the most relevant moment. Find out how to reach just the right slice of the 271 million active users on Twitter and maximize return on your investment.

In Twitter marketing you would be follow three basic step for enhance your business;

  • Reach Customers on Twitter - Consumers are talking about buying your products or services on Twitter. SocialCentiv helps you find those conversations when and where they’re happening.
  • Respond with an Offer - Reply to these conversations in real-time. The system automatically attaches your offer and your response shows up in their Twitter feed as a natural conversation.
  • Offer Received – Because you’re reaching them with what they want, when they want it, users see your offer as a nice surprise. It’s a natural conversation starter and helps grow your customer base.

The expert team of Ranks Digital Media are targeted your Twitter campaigns:

  • Followers - experts reach those users who have actively chosen to follow you for updates and want to hear from your brand.
  • Users like your followers - RDM’s expert gets your message in front of users with similar interests to your current followers to extend your reach with the audience most likely to engage.
  • Customized audiences - RDM Creates audiences using your own data and reach them on Twitter mobile and web. Create your audiences based on cookie IDs, email addresses from your CRM or Twitter user IDs.
  • Keywords in search - RDM pin your Promoted Tweets to the top of Search results and connect with users proactively searching for specific keywords and hashtags. This type of targeting is particularly effective during live events or moments when a brand wants to own key brand or competitive terms like, say, a product launch.
  • Keywords in time-line - While interest targeting focuses on “who,” keyword targeting gets brands closer to “when” so brands can enter into relevant conversations at the right moment. Keyword targeting delivers messages to users based on what they’ve recently tweeted or if they’ve engaged with Tweets including specific keywords.