Search Engine Optimization (SEO) India

Our India based SEO and Social team want to give you the tools to promote yourselves successfully: a digital platform that allows your whole organization to advertiser as one. As with PPC campaigns, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program provides opportunities for brands to create acquisitions and help consumers to engage with your brand, building intent and driving people further along their user journey towards that priceless First Moment of Truth. With rapid evolution now baked in to search and social environments, Ranks Digital media approach to SEO is built on a unique combine of best practice, clear process and ingrained innovation, providing maximum value and measurable results. We’re also experts at finding the sweet spot between Google’s guidelines and what is commercially right for you. We have progressive theories on search as a tool for retention of customers, not just for acquisition.

Your needs are focused on strategy-driven long term SEO, Ranks Digital Media will provide a fully managed campaign solution, based on all the components of our SEO approach including strategy, planning and on-going monthly management. Fully managed campaigns allow us to deliver against core SEO principles that are fundamental to the way we work.

Ranks Digital Media believe that all aspects of SEO campaigns should be easy to recognize measure and refine. At strategy and planning stages, we clarify the scope and detail of all key deliverables, following due process with agreed QA and time constraints. Once campaigns are in progress, we provide timely and accurate reporting on activity, keyword visibility, conversion data, etc.

As pioneers in advanced, process-led PPC management, Ranks Digital Media is uniquely positioned to apply both PPC information to SEO tactics, and the PPC mindset - performance focus – to our overall search offer. SEO and Social Media integration is also a given as our content optimization and authority optimization services focus on your brand’s social footprint across the internet.

A comprehensive review of up to three core competitors in the search and social space, with insight into keyword level search opportunity and visibility, social visibility, where social engagement is occurring, and how peer activity stacks up against your own.

Ranks Digital Media SEO is based on three key delivery areas:

  • Technical Optimization
  • SEO technical audit at set up phase, plus on-going technical support.
  • Content Optimization

Social Media is an important asset to any online business venture. Finding ways to stay in touch with your customers and get in front of your targeted audience is important. Effectively launching and managing a successful Social Media campaign takes a sound strategy and careful calculated moves. It’s easy to be classified as “spammy” in the social media world so being intelligent and creative are key elements to an effective campaign.

Believe it or not having creative content on your site is an important element in an Internet marketing strategy. Driving traffic to your site is one thing but keeping them there is another. Furthermore, keeping visitors coming back is a difficult process. But isn’t impossible. There are many methods in building links by replacing content that once existed on other sites. These methods are ineffective and leave an obvious footprint not to mention a waste of your marketing dollars. Original content is a key element in evolving your website! Although we don’t offer content creation (yet) we offer creative ideas and methods in generating content on your site that not only will generate natural links but keep visitors coming back!

Ranks Digital Media works with you. Our goal is to not only improve your online visibility, rankings and R.O.I but also help improve your site. Your website is important to us! We want to see it grow and evolve!

Ranks Digital Media not only work on improving your online presence but also bringing your website to the next level with intelligent strategies and creative ideas.

Ranks Digital Media knows how to deliver results and put your site in the position to grow both in visibility and overall quality.

Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its’ content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.