HTML5 Development

HTML or HyperText Markup language, has modernized the way websites are designed and built today. HTML5 is the altering face of the Internet, particularly in terms of mobile access and multimedia integration. HTML5 will load more quickly and smoothly on smart phones and tablets. HTML5 is combination of powerful features, flexibility, and a solid framework, HTML is widely used for creating interactive, engaging, and user-friendly UI UX.

Ranks Digital Media provides a full-suite of HTML5 design, development and consulting services and is able to handle HTML5 engagements of any size and complexity with ease. Ranks Digital Media boast vast experience in building robust websites based on HTML, delivering unmatched user experience and engagement. The expertises of Ranks Digital Media have rich experience on HTML5. They were completed successful project on the HTML5.

HTML5 Services provided by Ranks Digital Media are following.

  • HTML5 Web Development - Ranks Digital Media focuses in robust HTML5 web development, with powerful features such as streaming audio and video, support for multimedia animations, offline cache, animated website banners, geo-location, and more.
  • HTML5 Mobile Website Development - Ranks Digital Media Creates stunning mobile-optimized websites that offers easy navigation, enhanced user experience, and low bandwidth usage. Our expert can design HTML5 mobile websites for android, iPhone, Blackberry, and other Smart phone's.
  • HTML5 for Rich Internet Applications – Ranks Digital Media harness cutting-edge HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 for creating powerful and robust Rich Internet Applications.
  • HTML5 Mobile Apps and Games Development - Ranks Digital Media leverage advanced HTML5 technology to create customized mobile apps and games that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.